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Charity walk

Today children from Years 5 and 6 joined forces and headed off on foot to Burghley house. We ventured across Burghley grounds and enjoyed the beautiful views from the Princess Diana Memorial Garden. We did this to raise money for Cancer Research. We all hope that we help many people with our donations.

Written by Tanieha and Jayce.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 19/01/2018

Welcome back!

Our starting point this term is Charles Darwin. We are working on biographies and we are linking our research to our latest topic: evolution and inheritance. Darwin was an interesting individual who loved going on his daily 'thinking walk'. He also collected many samples and made detailed sketches of plants and animals. The children in Year 6 enjoyed their own 'thinking walk' and have made detailed sketches of some of the plants in our school grounds. We will be moving on to find out about adaptation in plants and animals. We will also be looking at the human circulatory system.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 16/01/2018

Singing in Stamford

We had a great time entertaining the public with our carol singing on Friday morning this week. We started out in front of Oxfam in Stamford High Street. Then we moved along to sing in front of Vision Express. After that we headed for the Town Hall where the Mayor was waiting to welcome us. We had a warming hot chocolate, thanks to the Town Hall staff and then we sang a short selection of songs for the Mayor and his special guests. After that we headed for the library where we were welcomed by staff there. We performed our final selection of songs. The library staff presented the children with a large tub of chocolates, which was very kind. Then we headed back to school to discover that members of the public had already been in contact to say how much they had enjoyed hearing and seeing the children singing in Stamford. We managed to collect over £300 and the children have voted to donate money to the following charities: Oxfam, Cancer Research and The Willow Foundation. Well done everybody!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 16/12/2017

Lots of levers

The children in Year 6 have been investigating levers this week. We have looked at the three types of lever and made our own levers to test how much force is needed to lift a load. We discovered that levers really can help us! Our next step is to design cards which use levers for moving parts.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 16/12/2017

Rutland Radio

A couple of the children in Year 6 were interviewed about the visit from Peterborough United and the Premier League trophy. It was very exciting to have the opportunity to meet a real journalist and to have the interview broadcast on Rutland Radio!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 26/11/2017

Our Daily Mile

This week Ben Smith, 401 marathon runner, came to our school. He talked about his next challenge of running 80 miles a day across America. We thought he might like to join us in Year 6 in our daily run. he was happy to come and run a mile with us and it gave the Year 6 children a chance to ask him lots of questions too!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 26/11/2017

Construction Day

The children in Year 6 had a very busy day at Stamford College.  They had the chance to try all sorts of exciting activities including digger driving, tiling, making electric circuits, building the tallest lighthouse out of paper plus all sorts of other challenges. Some children won medals for their achievements, which was really fantastic!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 26/11/2017

Remembrance Day

The children in Year 6 walked down to Browne's Hospital to lay a wreath at the cenotaph. They stood for two minutes in silence to remember the fallen. Some of the children recited poetry and then we all returned to school. It was good to have a few quiet and still moments to reflect.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 26/11/2017

Making Moving Daleks

In preparation for our sci-fi themed gallery opening next week, we have been very busy making the chassis for our moving Daleks. We have read the instructions carefully and measured accurately in order to get our dimensions just right. We are ready to connect the 'buggies' up to the batteries on Monday. Then we will be ready to attach the Dalek bodies on the top. We are hoping they will be fast-moving Daleks!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 09/11/2017


The children in Year 6 have been busy creating their dances which are a fusion of styles. They worked really hard in their groups and performed really well.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 18/10/2017

TV or not TV?

Yera 6 children took the assembly today. They have been working hard on their persuasive writing and have crafted their speeches carefully. Today they had the opportunity to put this work to the test and and managed to deliver their speeches with great gusto and panache! Our discussion in class was all about television and our guided reading article gave us some great information to include in our arguments. The children did really well and we have all been pondering on this question: TV or not TV?

Posted by: The Teachers on: 10/10/2017

Descriptive writing

The Year 6 children are currently working on descriptive writing.  This is an extract from one of the children's work:

'In the crystal blue sky, the clouds were as pliable as cotton candy: supple and fleecy. The exquisite heather pranced merrily. The scent of freshly-cut grass was in the air swaying side to side joyously. Then there was the gorse, prickly it was, with dazzling yellow leaves. The road rutted up ahead. The bulky mountain was towering on top of us. The stream gushed with spotless water rushing in to meet us and the teal sky showed us its glory.'


Posted by: The Teachers on: 25/09/2017

Welcome back!

Welcome back to a new and busy term of learning! Our starting topic is life in the 1940s. I am sure we will all have a spiffing time!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 13/09/2017

The Olympic Games

This week we have been learning about the Ancient Greek Olympic Games.  The children particularly enjoyed tasting the foods that the athletes would have eaten in preparation for the events. This included: dried fruits such as figs and dats, feta cheese, green and black olives, olive oil and honey. 

Posted by: The Teachers on: 04/07/2017

Aviation Museum

Year 5 had a fantastic trip on Thursday 22nd June at RAF Cranwell's Aviation Museum where they had the opportunity to work with Lincolnshire born author Georgia Twynham.  Georgia has written the 'Thirteen' series of books and has taken much of her influence from Superheroes such as Spiderman and Batman.  On this occassion we learnt about real life heros of World War Two such as Frank Whittle, inventor of the jet engine.  The children began drafting a storyboard combining elements of fact and fiction.  After exploring the museum we moved on to Newark to learn more about the aeroplanes and even got to experience an Anderson shelter. All of this work is being used to help write our own story.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 26/06/2017

Monster mayhem!

This week we have continued working on our topic of Ancient Greece, being introduced to a new myth called, 'Theseus and the Minotaur'.  Our main focus was to become myth busters by considering sources of historical information to try and prove or disprove the story.  We established that the story setting was definitely true as it happened in Athens and Crete which still exist today.  But as for the Minotaur, we found evidence that the Romans believed in the story as they produced coins with the half-man, half-bull on one side with a maze like pattern on the other and wall paintings with images of men jumping over bulls.  We found nothing to suggest the creature was real but that bulls were probably fought and used in festivals.  We also studied artists impressions of a palace that was discovered in Crete by an archaeologist which rooms were like a maze as they all lead into one another.  The labyrinth that the Minotaur was supposed to kept in may have come from this palace. So we think the myth is busted!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/05/2017

Q & A with Shona McCallin

Shona McCallin, member of the GB Gold medalist hockey team in Rio, visted Bluecoat yesterday as part of her work for Inspire +.  Although she addressed the whole school, Y5 were selected to have an extra question and answer session.  Shona spoke about how she aspired to achieve gold at an International level from the age of 14 and how she trains tirelessly six days a week to maintain fitness.  Year 5 asked some excellent questions including how she feels playing in front of huge crowds and television cameras, to which she responded, "I don't allow myself to think about it anymore.  I stay focused on the job I need to do.  If I allowed myself to worry about what other people think of me, I wouldn't play my best and I train hard to achieve my goals."

Well done year 5, you represented our school brilliantly!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 27/04/2017

Stamford Poetry Stone

Two members of Year 5 had the privilege of being present at the inauguration ceremony of a poetry stone which is situated in St Michael's church yard, High St, Stamford.  The stone, which is carved with the feet of Stamford's first poet laureate, is to give the opportunity to all members of the community and visitors to the town, a place to stand and recite verse or speak publicly.

Our pupils read a verse each from a poem about Stamford written by a former poet laureate ; doing an amazing job in front of the mayor, staff of Stamford Arts Centre and members of the public.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 27/04/2017

An eggcellent eggucation!

It has been so eggciting having the chicks in our classroom, watching them hatch and develop so quickly.

As mentioned in the last post, by Thursday 2nd March 9/10 chicks had hatched. As we had suspected the last egg didn't hatch.  Chicken Little continued to look very weak and wasn't interested in eating so it was decided that he would return to the farm to be looked after.

Kalani, Narla, Barnaby, Rosie, Jeff, Bruno and Penny all continued to develop nicely.  It was astonishing how quickly their wing feathers developed followed shortly after by their tail feathers.  The children learned so much in such a short time including: The lifecycle of a chicken, how long a chick takes to develop before hatching, how long it takes for a chicken to produce an egg plus much,much more.

Here are a few photos for you to enjoy...

Posted by: The Teachers on: 14/03/2017

The eggs are here!

On Monday ten eggs arrived at school along with an incubator and brooding box.  We all sat excitedly waiting for something to happen ... but nothing did.

Fast forward twenty four hours to 11:45 when we had to stop our exciting fractions work to watch the birth of our first chick Bruno.  A small hole emerged at first, then with one almightly peck with his egg tooth he burst into the world.  All wet and weak trying to lift his head and move his little legs.  Amazingly, after only five minutes he could walk although a little bit wobbly!

Tuesday evening after school, one more chick was born followed by another four during the night. It was a lovely surprise to find all six fluffy chicks.

Choosing to arrive just before hometime on Wednesday, making us a little bit late, the eighth chick arrived. Leaving just two more eggs to hatch, one of which emerged today (Thursday).  Unfortunately,it looks as though the tenth egg won't hatch but you never know, the farmer said leave them all until Friday so fingers crossed. 

One chick, Chicken Little, has been a bit off colour today so we had to give him some water to re-hydrate him but happily he's picked up and feeling better.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 28/02/2017

Light it up!

Year 5 have had such a busy week.  We started off in English with writing instructions which links with our Anglo-Saxon topic.  The children wanted to experience some of the activities the Anglo-Saxons would have completed to pass their time so we did some finger knitting in preparation for the real thing next week.

We also had a talk about 'Sustainable Stamford' were the children have been challenged to design a school that can sustain itself.  The children have got lots of ideas which again link nicely to our topic as we plan to grow food just like the Anglo-Saxons.  Another thing we considered was recycling and how we could use materials such as plastic bottles in our design.  We have therefore decided to build a green house for our garden to help in the growing of our produce.  If you could kindly send in any two and four pint plastic milk bottles we'd be really grateful.

To end the week Bourne Grammar came in to school to deliver a science/ technology lesson to build a circuit board, resulting in some pupils managing to produce a working torch.  

Posted by: The Teachers on: 30/01/2017

Morrisons gift appeal

As mentioned in yesterday's post, year 5 raised an amazing £169.30 when carol singing at Morrisons.  The children decided to buy toys with the donations which were presented to Morrisons' community officer Jason Hardstaff this lunchtime.  Jason and his colleagues were overwhelmed with the kindness of the children and couldn't believe their generosity.  The children's act of kindness has certainly spread a lot of Christmas cheer and will continue to do so as the toys are destined for poorly children that are being treated at Peterborough Hospital's Amazon Suite over Christmas.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 16/12/2016

Carol singing at Morrisons

The children brought a lot of Christmas cheer to the shoppers at Morrisons today when they sang their hearts out to raise money to purchase gifts as part of Morrisons gift appeal.  In just a little over one hour, the children managed to raise an astounding amount totalling £169.30 !  

Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/12/2016


We are currently writing poetry about light.  The children decided they'd like a fire and toast marshmallows, the idea being we'd actually get to experience real fire in a controlled manner.  This has helped us to generate vocabulary to write our poems using personification. 

Posted by: The Teachers on: 13/12/2016

Let there be light

In science we've been learning about day, night and how shadows change during the day.  We were trying to prove that the Earth is rotating as it orbits the sun.  The children used torches to observe what happened to the shadow as the light source changed position.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 03/11/2016

Incredible crumble

We had a great time discussing where some of our food comes from and what fruits are currently in season.  Luckily for us, we have apple and pear trees on the school site so we just had to make some delicious crumble.  In design technology the children are required to prepare food safely so we learnt about using a bridge cut when using sharp knives.  We also worked well in teams to weigh and mix the ingredients to produce a delicious product to take home and enjoy.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 03/11/2016


Year 5 have been investigating air-resistance. They were set the challlenge to make a parachute which could successfully land an egg intact. First of all different designs were tested altering variables such as: material, shape of parachute, amount of string etc. 

From the prototypes a final parachute was created. To each parachute was attached a capsule bearing a brave egg pilot. We then dropped these from the top landing timing their fall and looking to see if any of the eggs remained intact. 

Alas only Bella, Chapa and Taylor brought an egg safely to the ground. However we will learn from our mistakes and think of ways we could improve our parachutes for next time. 


Posted by: The Teachers on: 10/10/2016

I am the music man....

The class have a fantastic afternoon trying out the different instruments that are available to them including: trombone, trumpet, clarinet and saxaphone.  After the session the children rated their preferences for an instrument and look forward to seeing which one they'll get next week. Some children have already managed a few notes from the theme tune for 'The Pink Panther'!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 21/09/2016

A New Topic in Year Five

Welcome back to the Year Five blog.

We have begun the term by learning about the Earth in Space. In science we have dropped apples on Sir Issac Newton's head and discovered gravity. In our creative curriculum work we have made rockets and looked at why they have to be so big to escape from the Earth's atmosphere. 

Here our space scientists prepare rocket fuel and rocket boosters.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 18/09/2016

Our Final Week

Our final week as Year 4 has been an eventful one, as usual! We've been busy getting ready for our film premier. We had to make sure our final versions of our films were perfect for our awaiting audience and we finally completed our film journals where we've been documenting our film making journey. On Tuesday afternoon, we also made some refreshing Eton Mess for those coming to our premier. It was just perfect for the warm weather!

eton mess

As well as all that, we went into town to complete our book corner project. We had the last of our money to spend as well as a donation from Mrs Hines after we persuaded her with a presentation we made. We went to the local charity shops and found some real treasures. We were very impressed with our choices as we had been desperate for some more non-fiction books. We had the opportunity to enjoy them later on in the day.


We've also been reflecting on our time in Year 4. We found it really difficult to pick one favourite moment as we've had so many experiences. We loved our visits to the British Museum, the Sea Life Centre and Kingswood. We've been inspired by our Roman Day and are incredibly proud of our achivements during our Book Corner Project. Here are some more things we said:

"It's been a long year and we've done so many fun things. It was all worth it!"

"It's been the best year!"

"I've really liked having new people join our class."

"I'm looking forward to our new class and teacher."

"It's been fantastic and memorable."

"In the future, I'll look back on this and remember this as a really good year."

While we are sad that Year 4 has come to an end, we have many good memories and are very excited about what next year will bring... Watch this space!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 20/07/2016

It's a Wrap!

After weeks of hard word, Year 4 have finally finished filming their movies! We've been tirelessly filming across the school and reshooting scenes where necessary. Then on Friday we spent the morning using the iPad app Splice to put our film together. We learnt how to order our film clips, use transitions, how to clip and trim videos and how to add a variety of audio (sound effects and music) to our film. We now have our two final movies and will be watching them on Monday to see whether we need to make any more changes before our premier! Once we're happy and have finalised the final versions, we'll be sending home our invites to the big event!

editing   movies

We've also been looking forward to Billy Bob Buttons' visit next Monday. He will be leading a special workshop for us where we will learn how to plan a story. To prepare for this, we've been using Aaron Becker's beautiful storyook 'Journey' to inspire us. The story is of a child who finds magic chalk to travel to different worlds and we will use this to start off our own stories. We went out on the playground in the afternoon to draw our own chalk doors to help get our creative juices flowing!

Keep an eye out for our next blog to find out more about our special author visit.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 09/07/2016

Maths Games, Cameras and Angles

It has been another busy week in Y4. We are now ready to start filming our movies as we have completed our scripts and have gathered most of our props. On Tuesday, we practised our filming skills by learning about different types of camera angles. We compared them to decide when they would be best used and what impact they may have on the audience.

 camera angles        cameras

In Maths this week, we’ve been learning about measures and have just moved on to time. We’ve been specifically learning how to read an analogue clock and how to write digital times. We started solving different problems linked to time and, on Thursday, we consolidated our learning by playing a board game where we had to match the digital time to the analogue clock faces. Some of us who had once found this tricky now find it considerably easier than before!

maths games

Posted by: The Teachers on: 02/07/2016

Flipbook Animations

We’ve been continuing with our film work this week in Y4.

On Monday, we made some flipbook animations. We started by having a practice on some paper and used this to decide what animation we wanted to make. Using post-it notes, we then made two flipbooks using different designs. We made all sorts: people on skateboards, fireworks, superheroes, running animals and more!


It was great to share our flipbooks and then watch our animations come to life.


As a result of this, we’ve decided that we would like to do a little more animation work, so we are hoping to do stop stop-motion animation at some point in our project. Next week, we’re hoping to start finalise our preparations for our movies and start filming!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 25/06/2016

Festivals and Films

We've had another busy week in Y4!

At the start of the week, we got stuck into our movie-making project. We had a vote and decided that we wanted to make two separate films. We split into two film companies and came up with a plot, chose what acting and background roles we would have and got started on our scripts. Here we are, working hard in our groups as we started putting our films together:


On Wednesday, we participated in the Stamford Churches Together Festival. Our day started at the Corn Exchange where over 250 pupils came together to sing. We then went off in our groups to get involved in some workshops located in different churches around Stamford. One of our groups went to a science workshop and had the opportunity to look around St. Martin's church, while the other group went to the Methodist Church to have a go at some different labyrinth activities. Both groups had the chance to go to St. George's Church to take part in a quiz, participate in a jigsaw puzzle hunt and make a lighthouse.

The day ended with another incredible singing session at the theatre. Keep an eye out for more photos on the gallery pages!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/06/2016

Dragonflies, Sculptures and Fountains

Our first day of term was one of our most exciting ones as we visited Burghley House. The day started with a sculpture workshop where we made dragonflies out of wire. We learnt how to carefully shape the wire and how to safely use pliers. We all got to make a dragonfly to take home. 

dragonfly sculpture

We then stepped into the jaw-dropping Sculpture Garden. We saw many different sculptures which we loved exploring. They were all of different shapes and sizes, and made of different materials (clay, nature, steel, wood, plastic...). We learnt about perspective and enjoyed sharing our thoughts about what we saw. This was followed by a very calming and pleasant picnic in the sunshine.


Finally, the time had arrived to step into the Garden of Surprises. We loved getting absolutely soaked, it was the perfect way to cool down! 


To see more of our day, keep an eye out for extra photos which will shortly appear in the 'Gallery' section of the school website.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 07/06/2016

Boudicca's Plaque, Poetry and Artefacts

Our last week of the term has been another busy, busy, busy one!

It started with a visit to The Meadows where we went to find Boudicca's plaque. This plaque explained how Boudicca once walked through Stamford as she chased the Ninth Legion. After this, we decided to have another go at writing some narrative poetry as we've really enjoyed this in our English lessons. We wrote different poems inspired by our discovery about Boudicca in Stamford and really relished the opportunity to do some writing outdoors in the sunshine!

plaque    poetry

On Wednesday, we celebrated the end of our topic by having an art morning where we did a rotation of activities. On one station we got to make Roman mosaics, on another we made Roman coins, and on the final one we got to paint our drawings of Hindu Gods which we drew after our research and report about them.

art       art

This week has been a fantastic end to our Ruthless Romans topic, and we are now very much looking forward to starting our new one, Movie Magic, after the holidays.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 26/05/2016

Gladiator Music


This week, we've been learning all about the Roman gladiators. In English, we have written narrative poems about gladiators, focusing on our use of features such as alliteration and personification. In Music, we've been listening to music from films about gladiators. We listened to live music, as well as recordings, and enjoyed sharing our ideas about what story the music was telling us.

After that, it was our turn! In groups, we used both a range of instruments and sounds we made using our hands and feet to create our own gladiator piece of music. Through our use of pitch, volume and textures, we had to tell a story about a gladiator and then perform our rehearsed piece to the rest of the class. We really enjoyed listening to each others' creative music!

music       music

Posted by: The Teachers on: 18/05/2016

The Roman Army

This week, we’ve been learning all about the Roman legionaries. In English, we’ve been working on using rhyme in narrative poetry and have written poems about life as a Roman soldier. In our Creative Curriculum, we’ve discovered just how strong and spectacular the armies were and on Friday we each made a bust of a Roman army leader based on the sketching we did a fortnight ago.


We had to use different tools to shape the clay, while also making sure that the faces on the busts appeared to be fierce and strong.

clay  clay

Posted by: The Teachers on: 14/05/2016

Treasure, treasure, treasure!

This week has been a week treasure!

First off, we arrived to school on Tuesday to find a surprise waiting for us... a theatre company had arrived and they were putting on a performance of Treasure Island for us! We had looked at Treasure Island in our previous 'Under the Sea' topic. We're also going to be revisiting plays in Guided Reading next week, so we were particularly excited about this opportunity to see a play in action. The performance was very entertaining and it was astounding to have a theatre company in our very school! This means that we have now experienced something else from our '50 Things to do at the Bluecoat School' list.

treasure island

On Wednesday, we then had another exciting Creative Curriculum opportunity when we went to Castor. Here, we were given a tour by the pupils of Castor CE Primary School, their headteacher and local volunteers who showed us where Romans once stood! We learnt all about local archaeology and excavation and found out that we were walking on top of Roman roads and ruins of old buildings. We then walked around the local church and discovered that it was built using materials from the remains of old Roman buildings. Throughout the day, some of us found our very own Roman treasures, as we were able to find the remains of Roman relics. Quite a few of us managed to find the remains of Roman pots and tiles during our walk. We'd like to give a big thank you to the pupils of Castor CE Primary who lead the tour and helped us unearth some fascinating historical facts!


Please take a look at the website gallery to see more pictures of these two events.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 05/05/2016

Bouddica and Books

This week, we've been learning all about Queen Boudicca and the Iceni tribe and have started thinking about reliable and non-reliable historical sources. As part of this week's focus, we became Boudicca herself in a drama lesson. We had to pretend to be her and come up with a persuasive rallying speech which would encourage other tribes to join her in her rebellion against the Romans. We then used our acting skills to support our writing when we wrote her persuasive speech. We knew we had been successful when the rest of the class were shouting back in support!


speech     writing

We have also been continuing our work on creating our book corner. We've developped a plan for the rest of the term and have some exciting projects lined up which will help increase the number of books in our classroom. We also had some exciting news... Morrisons had received our letters asking for help and they had responded by very generously giving us some vouchers! We then collectively decided on what books we wanted to purchase.


We'd like to say a massive thank you to Jason at Morrisons for his support with our project and allowing us to fill our bookcase a little more.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 30/04/2016

Roman Leaders

This week, we looked at the statues of the busts of Roman army leaders. We were impressed with the detail the sculptures had gone into and all agreed that the leaders appeared to be extremely strict and stern. We decided that we would eventually like to make our own sculptured busts from clay, so in preparation for this we had a go at some sketching. Our partners had to imagine they were the formidable leaders of the Roman army. We then sketched our partner's face, paying particular attention to the changes in our faces when we appeared angry.

Our next step will be to replicate these fiersome faces on clay! Take a look at some of our sketching below:



Posted by: The Teachers on: 24/04/2016

Ruthless, Rotten Romans!

Friday was our spark for our new Ruthless Romans topic! We arrived in the morning in our fabulous Roman costumes and got straight to work. The Roman master wanted different products making in exchange for ‘dinarii’ (Roman money). We could make wax tablets, lucky clay charms, medicines and badges, as well as visit the bath houses to make perfumes and lotions. We had to be careful though… some of us caught illnesses and had to visit the hospital in order to be treated in very pecualiar ways. For example, one of us got an injured leg and had to have it chopped off! Miss Kinchin, unfortunately, caught worms, so had to be given very specific medicine which the doctor made for her! Here we are preparing the medicines:


While we were working, rumours were flying around about a rebellion in the North, and slowly Roman soldiers began to appear. However, the rest of us continued our jobs, which included looking for rats! Unfortunately, a few of us got captured and became slaves. We were sold numerous times and were given tasks to do! Some of us needed to make additional products for our masters, whilst some of us were made to scrub the floor!badges

bath house

In the afternoon, our Roman army was able to defeat Boudicca’s rebellion. To celebrate, we had a feast. The slaves prepared bread, cheese, grapes and wine while the rest of us prepared different types of entertainment, including poetry recitals and plays.

We had an incredible day and loved becoming Romans. Thank you to Phil from History off the Page for our memorable day. Please go to the gallery later on in the week to find more photos of our spark.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 16/04/2016

Sewing for Books!

Year 4 are very excited about their book project! We've decided that we would really like a book corner in our classroom, so we're trying our absolute hardest to make it happen. We have so far raised some money to go book shopping with, but are determined to raise a little more. 

We have decided that one way of doing this is by sewing soft toys to then sell. So far, we've really enjoyed our sewing project where we've used our Under the Sea learning to inspire us. We researched tropical fish and used the images we discovered to help us with our designs. Last week, we cut out our fabric and this week we've started practising our sewing on bits of scrap material. Today, we'll starting sewing the pieces of our soft toys together!



Keep an eye out for our next blog where you'll be able to see some of our finished products!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 18/03/2016

Turbines and Books!

We have had an incredibly busy week in Y4!

In English, we have started our thrilling new unit abot Ghost Stories, so have been reading some examples and started thinking about creating atmosphere for our readers. In Maths, we've been learning about different ways to present data. We've come across some unusual and interesting charts, but realised that if we read all the information carefully, they're not too tricky!

In our Creative Curriculum, we've started our soft toy sewing project and on Friday we finally had the opportunity to see our wind turbine on display at the Stamford Arts Centre.


Ours is the turbine in the middle. We created it from recycled materials, such as pringle tubes, plastic bottles and wrappers. It was incredible to see our very own work on display in an art gallery!

We've also been thoroughly enjoying book week. We loved sharing our knowledge of books in the book quiz and discovered new books in the library. We were proud of our costumes for the dressing up parade on Thursday and on Friday we made the most of the sunshine and did some reading outdoors.


We valued the opportunity to stretch out and read for pleasure and are all desperate to do it again!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 12/03/2016

Birmingham Sea Life Centre

Tuesday 29th February was our incredible, unforgettable visit to Birmingham Sea Life Centre. From the moment we walked in we were breath-taken by what we saw.

Our journey began with the penguins. We were very fortunate to see them jumping in and out of their pool, and we even managed to watch feeding time. Continuing our journey, we saw countless fish, stingrays and starfish (which we even got to touch!). We even managed to spot a pufferfish and an eel!

After that, we saw clownfish, sharks and an octopus! We couldn't believe what we were seeing. Here are a few of us walking through the starfish tunnel:

sea life

We continued our journey and came across the otters. It turns out that they are actually quite dangerous, so they weren't so adorable after all! After that were the jellyfish, but the best surprise of all was the Ocean Tunnel at the very end. We walked through and our jaws dropped in amazement! We were surrounded by sharks and fish of all sizes. We spotted a yellow eel hiding away and were mesmerised by the giant turtle!

sea life


We had an unforgettable day and can't wait to continue with our Under the Sea learning. Take a look at our gallery where shortly there will be more photographs from our day.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 29/02/2016

Scrumptious Seafood Pizzas

On Tuesday, we used our learning from our visit to Pizza Express to create our very own seafood pizzas!

Before our food preparation, we began by reminding ourselves about how we can be hygienic when cooking. We used antibacterial spray to clean our tables, washed our hands, tied our hair back and rolled up our sleeves. Then, we popped on our chefs hats and aprons which Pizza Express had very kindly given to us for our cooking!

We recapped on how to safely prepare food and then began! We had fresh vegetables, so we carefully prepared the mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes to top our pizzas. 

preparing peppers

After that, we made our dough. We created it using pizza mixture and tepid water, then began kneading it just like we had been taught at Pizza Express. We carefully shaped our mini-pizzas then began adding our toppings, which also included tuna fish!



We thoroughly enjoyed using our new skills to create our seafood pizzas, which were then given to visitors during our Open Event. Thank you to all those who tasted our pizzas, we hope you enjoyed them!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 23/02/2016

Pizza Express

On Tuesday, we walked down to Pizza Express in town. We had an incredible time learning how to make a fresh pizza. After washing our hands and putting on our aprons and hats, we learnt what ingredients are in dough and discovered that Pizza Express use 900,000 pieces of dough a week across the country! It was then time to start preparing our food!

We began by kneading and manipulating the dough and learnt about the importance of proofing the dough. After gently sprinkling flour on our pizza dough, we shaped it using the technique the chef taught us and then shaped them again once we'd put it in the pan. The chef told us how fresh tomato sauce is made and which different types of cheeses you can use before allowing us to add these ingredients to our pizzas.

pizza  pizza

While the pizzas were cooking, the chefs showed us the special ovens they use in the kitchens. We found out that the ovens are heated to 371 degrees celsius and that this allows the pizzas to be cooked in the rapid time of 5-6 minutes. Pizza Express then very kindly offered to deliver our pizzas to us at school. They also generously gave us some hats and aprons for when we do our own cooking later on in our topic.

We hurried back to school and eventually our pizzas arrived! When children were talking about eating their pizzas, they described themselves as 'demolishing' and 'devouring' them as they were so delicious!


We're now very much looking forward to making seafood pizzas and fishcakes after the half term, so please keep an eye out for our next blog.

Meanwhile, please take a look at the photo gallery for more pictures of our visit.

Thank you Pizza Express!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 10/02/2016

Diorama Developments

Yesterday, we continued with our diorama project. Our boxes had finally dried, so we began by adding sand mixed with glitter to represent the ocean floor. 


After that, we started making different components to add to our dioramas. We created different sea creatures using a range of junk modelling materials. We had sharks made of paper towel rolls, fish made of spoons, colourful coral and rocks made of painted foil, oysters made of sea shells, sea shells made of pasta and even jellyfish made of sandwich bags and bubble wrap! We used our homework and the research we've done in school to inspire our designs, but had to decide for ourselves what materials we were going to use to put our creations together.


At the end of the week we'll be putting all of these together to finalise our diorama!

In English this week we've started learning about coral reefs and in Maths we've been continuing to solve a range of division and multiplication problems. Next week, we're looking forward to our visit to Pizza Express which will hopefully inspire us to cook our very own seafood pizzas!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 04/02/2016

Diorama Project

We've been very busy this week in Year 4! We started it off by completing our pirate treasure maps and then writing a set of instructions to find the burried treasure. We had to use coordinates and compass directions to come up with instructions. We then used our creativity to make sure that we warned our treasure-seekers about the hidden dangers that were lurking on our island!

On Wednesday, we then began our diorama project. The aim this term is to create a 3D model linked to our Under the Sea topic. We used shoeboxes to create the frame for our diorama and then learnt how to use different shades of blue paint to create the background.

making dioramas



For our homework this week, we're going to be researching under water sea creatures to inspire our model-making when we continue with our diorama project. Once we've done this, we'll then be able to move on to putting our model together!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 28/01/2016

Fishy Art

We are well under way with our new topic this term. We've been classifying animals according to their characteristics and creating classification keys. We've learnt how to sort animals according to whether they are a mammal, reptile, amphibean, fish, or bird and then we turned our attention to sea animals. We learnt how to further classify these into marine mammals, mollusks, crustaceans and echinoderms, and researched other animals that may fit into these categories. As a result of this, we've come up with more interesting questions we'd like to find the answers to, so we look forward to exploring these later on!

This week in English, we've been gathering reasons for and against keeping wild animals in zoos. We've read a range of research material which will eventually help us when we come to write our discussion text. We had a go at planning our writing by creating a poster summarising our arguments:

discussion plan

At the end of the week, some of us had a go at making paper plate fish! We planned what we were going to do to achieve our goal and then had to ensure we had all the resources we would need by compiling a list. Then we made all the different components in order to create our sea creature. 

paper fish

paper fish

We had a fantastic time making these and were joined by some of the Y3 children who enjoyed our art just as much!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/01/2016

Pirate Orienteering

Happy New Year from Year 4!

We kickstarted our term with our new topic 'Under the Sea.' We were visited by Adrian Hall, the real-life explorer who visited us the previous year. He delivered a pirate-themed orienteering session which we thoroughly enjoyed. We started by looking at different types of maps and learnt about how you could use stars for direction, just like pirates would! 

After that, we discovered that you can measure distances without equipment and learnt how to use a compass! 



Finally, we were given maps to help us locate the gold and emerald treasure flags which were hidden around the school. We had to be as accurate as possible when reading our maps, as some of the flags were really well hidden.

finding flags

Thank you to Adrian Hall for another enjoyable session!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 09/01/2016

Egyptian Adventure Stories

Over the past couple of weeks, we've been writing our very own adventure stories linked to our Egyptians topic. We've been particularly focusing on writing for an audience, where we had to take into consideration who our readers were going to be. Before we began writing, we discovered that our audience would be the children in Year 3, so we had to take this into consideration when planning our stories. What would they want to read about? What would they not enjoy? What could we do in our writing to make them enjoy our adventure stories?

After a lot of hard work planning, drafting, editing and rewriting our stories, on Friday we finally had the opportunity to read to our audience! We read our stories to the children in Year 3 and were really enthused by their responses. They enjoyed listening to us and we really appreciated their feedback.

Thank you Year 3!




Posted by: The Teachers on: 05/12/2015

Canopic Jars Part 1

On Friday, we began making our very own canopic jars!


During our mummification research, we learnt that the liver, intestines, stomach and lungs were removed from the body and stored in canopic jars. The canopic jars then helped preseve the organs. We discovered that the heads on the top of the jars were of the four sons of Horus (the God of the sky)and then decided that wanted to attempt making our very own canopic jars.

We began making them by starting with the head of the jar. We used air-drying clay and a variety of tools to make our chosen head for the lid of the jar. We used images of artefacts and our experience of seeing them up close at the British Museum to shape our clay. We will now leave them to dry and then begin painting them once they're ready! 


Posted by: The Teachers on: 28/11/2015

Egyptian Embalmers

Today, we’ve been mummifying tomatoes!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been learning about the process of mummification. Therefore, we thought we should have a go at being Egyptian embalmers! We mummified tomatoes and will now observe how they change over the next two weeks.

We started by wiping clean the tomatoes with anti-bacterial gel to represent how the embalmers would cleanse the body. We then made a small incision and scooped out the seeds inside the tomato. After that, we stuffed the tomato with salt and will now be observing the tomatoes closely to observe how they change.




Posted by: The Teachers on: 23/11/2015

The British Museum

On Friday, we had our incredibly exciting visit to the British Museum! From the second we arrived, we were in awe of everything surrounding us...

Y4 at the Museum

We headed straight for the Ancient Egyptian exhibition where we had the opportunity to look at a range of Egyptian artefacts. We found canopic jars, enormous sculptures of Gods, pharaohs and sphinxes, Ancient Egyptian clothing... the list goes on! We were even more amazed to find a gallery containing some sarcophaguses and mummies! The sarcophaguses were far larger than we expected and we were able to see just how many possessions the Egyptians had buried with them to support their journeys into the afterlife.

in the gallery

Our day was a memorable and inspiring experience; we cannot wait to go back and reflect on what we've discovered.

Please keep an eye out for more photographs in the gallery section of the website.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 14/11/2015

Shapes and Pyramids

On Thursday, we started the day by learning about the names and properties of different triangles and quadrilaterals. We then sorted them into Carroll and Venn diagrams using a range of different criteria.

marshmallow pyramids


In the afternoon, we had a go at a team-building challenge. We were given a packet of spaghetti and marshmellows. Our challenge was to successfully build a square-based pyramid which had a strong enough structure that it would stay standing. We had to work together as a team and communicate our ideas fairly in order to achieve the task within the given time limit. Many of us made several attempts on our structures, each time finding ways to improve our designs so that the pyramid wouldn't collapse. In the end, we were all successful with our pyramids, and really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with different people!

building oyramids


Posted by: The Teachers on: 05/11/2015

Pyramid Perimeters

This week, in our Creative Curriculum, we’ve been learning all about pyramids and perimeter. We discovered how pyramids were constructed and were surprised to discover just how complex the process was. We used our learning to write diary entries from the point of view of Ancient Egyptian labourers and agreed the days must have been long and gruelling!

We also discovered that the Egyptians planned and built the base of the pyramids first, using the stars to align one of the edges to the North. We had our own challenge to complete based on this: the pharaoh challenged us to plot the perimeter of his new pyramids! We were given maps with the perimeters marked on, but then had to use our own understanding of perimeter and multiples to calculate the lengths of each side! Then we used different measuring equipment to mark out the edges of our pyramids.

Take a look!



We're positive the Pharaoh would have been impressed with our work!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 21/10/2015

Haiku Poems

This week, we've learnt all about haiku poetry. We started by reading a range of haikus and investigating true and false statements about them. Through this, we discovered that haikus are Japanese poems which usually have one theme, usually about nature. They have 17 syllables in total: the first line has 5 syllables, the second has 7, and the third and final line has 5 syllables.

We then went out around the school and use the iPads to take photographs of nature which would inspire our poems. We labelled those photographs with adjectives, similes and verbs which we would later use in our poems.

haiku inspiration

haiku inspiration

We were then ready to draft our haikus. We learnt how to keep editing, improving, and redrafting our poems until we were pleased with the results. Here are a couple of our haikus:

Luscious, lime green trees

Swaying side to side when proud.

Then they found friends.



Midnight hour blue skies

Shine at twelve at midnight time

When we are sleeping.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 17/10/2015

In the Post

On Friday, we got a response to our letters to David Cameron! We were very excited to read the reply which answered some of the questions we had asked him. Take a look:


letter 2

Fingers crossed... hopefully the Queen will be responding in the not too distant future!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 11/10/2015

Garden Rivers

On Friday, we went out in to the garden to make our very own rivers! We used different gardening tools to form our river beds, and then used our knowledge of rivers to create the different features. We all created meanders, tributaries and confluences, then some of us went one step further and made waterfalls and rapids.

Here we are, working as a team to dig out the space needed to create the river beds:

making a riverbed

Here you can see our tributary, confluence and part of a meander:


Our afternoon was very successful as we demonstrated our understanding of the river vocabulary we've been learning. Plus, we definitely enjoyed digging in the mud!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 04/10/2015

The Meadows

On Thursday, we walked down to the River Welland! We've been learning about rivers, so we were able to spot the meander, rapids, confluence and tributary. We also looked at the speed of the current, comparing different sections of the river to see if we could work out why it was faster in certain areas.

river welland

After that, we took a pause and did some sketching. Some of us sketched the rapids, while others sketched the confluence and bridge. The weather was beautiful and we really enjoyed the opportunity to sketch out in the sun.


Posted by: The Teachers on: 24/09/2015

Boat Investigation

Last week, we learnt about the different types of boats you may have once seen along the River Nile in Ancient Egypt.

We then had a challenge to create a model Egyptian boat. We had limited materials, and had to make the strongest boat possible in order to hold the Pharoah's building blocks for his new pyramid! We all did really well in the challenge... the two boats which held the most were able to carry at least 120 blocks!



Posted by: The Teachers on: 21/09/2015

Model Shadufs

We’ve started our Ancient Egyptians topic by firstly learning about sorting dates on a timeline using BCE and AD. Following that, we used atlases and online maps to locate Egypt, and used a variety of maps and resources to create our own maps of Ancient Egypt.

After that, we started learning about the River Nile and its importance to the Egyptians. Using aerial maps, we compared the land near the Nile to the desert areas, discovering that the majority of Egyptians live along the Nile and use the rich soil to grow their crops there. We learnt about the importance of farming in Ancient Egypt and how the Egyptians followed three seasons. In partners, we then had a go at making our own shadufs, which were devices used to lift water out of the river. Take a look at some of our designs below!



Posted by: The Teachers on: 14/09/2015

Celebrating with Year 2

This week, we celebrated our Extreme Earth Topic with the Year 2 children. First, we visited their classroom and read to them our fact files about volcanoes, earthquakes and avalanches. We shared our learning and explained to the Year 2's how these natural disasters happen. Year 2 then had the opportunity to ask questions and find out more.

shared reading 

Here we are, demonstrating how tectonic plates move during an earthquake!

After that, we then shared our erupting volcanoes! We helped the Year 2's make our clay volcanoes erupt using bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and food colouring.

erupting volcanoes

We hope Year 2 enjoyed our learning just as much as we did!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 21/07/2015


Thursday was our fantastic Bushcraft day at Barnsdale Woods near Rutland Water. The day was packed full of learning valuable outdoor skills. Take a look...


Here we used knives to carve wood. We made the wood smooth by shaving off the outer layer and then shaped the end into a point. We then decorated our carved wood to make a wood-elf!


We learnt how to make sparks to start a fire! 

den building

We took part in den building. We learnt how to select appropriate wood and how to build a secure structure. We all did a brilliant job!

At lunchtime, we had a picnic outdoors, followed by marshmallow-cooking by the fire pit! Our day was truly memorable and we would like to say a massive thank you to Rutland Water's education team for arranging such an amazing experience.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 14/07/2015


This week was our fantastic trip to PGL! Despite the heat, we were all determined to make the most of our time there. We had two acivities to take part in: the giant swing and archery. 

The giant swing went as high as 60 feet (if we wanted it to!) and then it had a terrifying drop before it swung. Some of us were very brave and had a go! If we didn't want to go, we got the chance to help the others by pulling back the swing for them.


giant swing

Archery was also brilliant. We learnt how to load the bow and arrow and take aim. We had to try and hit the centre of the target, which some of us managed. At the end, we got to play quick archery team games, which meant we had to rapidly set up our bow and arrow to get as many opportunities to score as possible.


Thank you PGL for such a memorable day!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 05/07/2015

Investigating Magnets

On Friday, we decided to investigate magnets in Science. We had previously investigated magnetic and non-magnetic materials, and discovered that not all metals are magnetic. We then decided that we wanted to find the answers to some other questions we had.

We each planned and carried out our own investigations based on what we wanted to find out. Some of us wanted to see if materials were still magnetic in water or soil. Some wanted to find out if materials were still magnetic at certain distances or if they were placed between non-magnetic objects. Others wanted to find out a little more about magnetic and non-magnetic metals.

We had to decide how we were going to carry out our investigation, how we were going to make them fair tests, and how we were going to record our results. We then had to use our findings to make conclusions. 

investigating in water


We really enjoyed having the opportunity to find the answers to our own questions!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 28/06/2015


Last week, we continued our learning about earthquakes. We added an extra section to our Extreme Earth fact files as we found out about the horrific damager earthquakes can cause. We also researched what people are advised to do in an earthquake. We learnt all about... DROP! COVER! HOLD ON!

drop cover hold

When tremors begin, you need to drop to the ground, take cover underneath a sturdy object like a table, and then hold on to that object until the tremors stop. We had a go at doing drop, cover, hold on, when we heard... EARTHQUAKE!


Year 3 all now feel very confident that we can stay safe during an earthquake!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 22/06/2015

Mysterious Ice Eggs

When we arrived in our classroom after break, we discovered mysterious ice eggs in our classroom! Apparently, they were discovered after an Antarctic avalanche...

We had to decide how they were uncovered and work out what was inside the eggs. Some of us felt holes and cracks in them and thought the creatures may have already hatched or escaped. Others thought the creatures were still hidden deep inside them. We had many ideas for what could have grown in the eggs, such as ice dragons with "eyes like lightning" or unknown animals with "spikes like swords" on their backs. 

Take a look at our discovery!

.ice eggs

Posted by: The Teachers on: 12/06/2015


On Friday, we were very lucky to be visited by Adrian Hall, an outdoor activity specialist and expedition leader. He has travelled all over the world and started his morning by sharing stories about his exploration of the Arctic. 

After that, we had an incredible orienteering session. Flags were hidden across the school field and playground and we had to use our map-reading skills to locate them! We thoroughly enjoyed our session - thank you, Adrian!

using maps

finding a flag

Posted by: The Teachers on: 07/06/2015

Investigating Skeleton Facts

Yesterday, as part of our Maths and Science, we investigated skeleton proportions! We had a range of facts and needed to use our accurate measuring skills to find out if they were true or false.skeleton measuring

True or false: The length of the span of both arms is the same as your height.

skeleton measuring 

True or false: The length from your wrist to your elbow is the same as the length of your foot.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 21/05/2015

Soups and Smoothies

As we come to the end of our chocolate topic, we’ve been thinking about what it means to be healthy. We’ve learnt about the different food categories and how these can help us maintain a balanced diet.

Following that, we then went on to make our own fruit smoothies and vegetable soups! We began by learning how to keep good hygiene. We ensured all surfaces were cleaned and that we were personally ready to handle the produce. We learnt how to correctly prepare the vegetables and fruit and how to use a knife. We worked in groups so we could help each other keep safe and give advice when we needed it. We then made our food by using a smoothie mixer and soup maker. We thoroughly enjoyed tasting our products… we particularly enjoyed the smoothies! 

preparing vegetable


checking the soup

Checking the soup!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 16/05/2015

Column Method Madness!

In Maths, we've been working really hard on learning how to add and subtract using the column method. We all started by doing this practically with our equipment. This was particularly useful for learning about exchanging between tens and ones.

practical maths

As the week progressed, we used either our equipment or the written column method (or both!) to solve a range of mathematical problems. Some of us even started learning about how to solve 2-step problems, where we had to read the calculation incredibly carefully to work out which two calculations we needed to do to solve them.

2 step problems

Posted by: The Teachers on: 09/05/2015

Chocolate Maths!

Throughout last week, we used our maths skills to help develop our chocolate products. We started by looking at different 3D nets we could use for our packaging. We began by examining the nets before they were put together and tried to use our knowledge of shapes to name them. After assembling them and looking at existing chocolate packaging, we were each able to then decide what shape we wanted our packaging to be.

3D nets

Later on in the week, we then looked closer at the properties of specific 3D shapes such a prisms and pyramids. We worked out how many edges, faces and vertices a range of shapes had. We then used these properties to create 3D mini-chocolates out of clay, finally assembling them to create a mini-chocolate sculpture.

clay chocolates

Posted by: The Teachers on: 26/04/2015

Investigating Seed Dispersal

On Monday, we investigated how seeds are dispersed. We found out that some seeds are spread by wind, while others catch on to birds and insects; some travel across water and others pass through animals. After learning about this in the classroom, we walked around the school and tried to find different types of seeds. Fortunately, we found a range of seeds in the trees and on the ground.

outdoor learning

We then returned to the classroom to look at our seeds more closely using magnifying glasses. We used our observations to work out and decide how those seeds had been dispersed.

magnifying glasses and seeds   seed dispersal investigation


Posted by: The Teachers on: 26/04/2015

Chocolate Market Research

This term, we’re now going to start creating our chocolate companies and begin to design our own chocolate products.

This week, we’ve learnt all about the importance of carrying out market research and why it is necessary. As a class, we discussed existing products, competitors and shared our ideas about potential target markets.

We started our market research by finding out about people’s chocolate-eating habits. We wanted to know what the most popular flavours and types of chocolate were, as well as what chocolate products people would want to see in the shops. We had the freedom to decide how to carry out our market research. Some of us created questionnaires, some made tally charts and others created bar graphs. We obtained our information from children in other classes, school staff and parents. We then presented this information in our chosen way and learnt how to use the research to influence our future designs.

 market research         asking questions

We ended the week by focusing on existing products. We examined different types of chocolate packaging and worked out who the target markets were. We then sampled some of the products to get ideas about flavours and evaluated the range of tastes and textures. 

tasting products

Now, we can start designing our own chocolate products based on the research we've carried out! 

Posted by: The Teachers on: 19/04/2015

Chocolate Art

This week, we’ve began to look at how chocolate can inspire our art.

We began by examining the patterns on chocolates. We then used these patterns to help create different textures with pencil sketching. After having a good practise, we used the soundtrack from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to inspire our next set of sketches. We created more chocolate patterns, but this time thinking about how we could create different textures which would reflect the music we were listening to. We all agreed that a gentle, calming song like ‘Pure Imagination’ created a very different texture compared to the more up-beat song sung by the Oompa-Loompas.

Take a look at us hard at work below!

chocolate art

chocolate art

Posted by: The Teachers on: 20/03/2015

Cadbury World!

Friday was our incredibly amazing trip to Cadbury World! We thoroughly enjoyed every second of our day.

We started by exploring the Aztec jungle and learnt how cocoa made its way to Europe. After that, we learnt about how John Cadbury set up his store in the 1800s. He sold cocoa powder to make drinks and was very talented generating business. We found out how his business grew and how he came to build Bourneville village.

After that, we had a jaw-dropping tour of the factory. We saw the production line where we watched chocolate bars being made and packaged, ready to be delivered to stores across the country. Part way through the factory tour, we were given a delicious cup of warm, melted chocolate, which we completely devoured! 

yummy chocolateeating chocolate!

We then hopped onto a ‘Beanmobile,’ a small car which took us on a ride through a chocolate wonderland and then took a walk down an advertising avenue, where we got to see a history of some of Cadburys finest adverts.

Our day ended with a special presentation where we learnt all about how Cadbury designs, packages and advertises their products. We’re now very excited about the next stage in our topic, which will be inspired by our trip to Cadbury World.

 year 3


Watch this space… we will soon be uploading all our photos of the day to the online gallery!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 07/03/2015

Making South America!

As part of our Chocolate topic, we’ve been locating where cocoa beans are grown and finding out about rainforests. This week, we used salt dough to make a map of South America. By using different maps to help us, we carefully shaped the dough and marked out the country borders. Then we labelled the countries, checking our maps to ensure we’d correctly located them.

Finally, we had to read the maps closely in order to help us find some of South America’s physical features. This helped us to mark out the rivers and create the mountains for our salt dough map.

Take a look at these photos of us hard at work!

map making

map making

Posted by: The Teachers on: 04/03/2015

The Great Debate!

In English, we’re learning about the skills of persuasive writing. We’ve been focusing on using paragraphs to organise our persuasive arguments, as well as using a variety of connectives and conjunctions to link sentences, paragraphs and ideas.

On Wednesday, we began to plan for our persuasive writing, which is based on the following question: Should children be allowed to snack on chocolate? We began by considering arguments for and against allowing children to snack on chocolate and then the following day we held a class debate!

We split the class so we were sat on the side we were arguing for and used our fantastic speaking and listening skills to either support or argue against each other’s points. We were fantastic at listening to each other’s arguments and taking it in turns to share our ideas. As we debated, we had to include some of the conjunctions and connectives we’d been learning about, which is something we all did brilliantly.



Posted by: The Teachers on: 27/02/2015

Young Writers Competition

Last week, we all worked incredibly hard on our poetry skills, because we decided that we wanted to enter the Young Writers Out of this World competition. We decided to link our poems to our creative curriculum topic by writing poetry about either the sun or stars.

We began our writing journey by learning about different features of poems, such as alliteration, similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, and rhyme. After that, we gathered our ideas in preparation for our first draft. We had our own mini-working walls, where we collected all the different vocabulary and phrases we could think of that could possibly be included in our poems. Then we began our draft writing.

competition entries

Every single one of us put in our absolute best effort into both our drafts and edits. After neatly copying up our final poems, we filled in our competition forms and sent our entries off by post!

Here is one example poem:

The stars happily float

They shine as bright as diamonds,

They shimmer, they sparkle,

In the lush, light blue sky.


Stars like aquamarines

Sometimes they illuminate,

They always wave hello,

When they are sleepy.


Gliding, flying stars

Making smiles as you go

They are like flying crystals,

When you look at the stars they watch.


Dreamy stars glide as they smile

Hovering like black spiders.

Glowing, shining stars,

Always make you sleepy.


Below is an extract from another poem:


The stars whizz and dance happily.

In the sky the stars illuminate

In the starry, shooting night,

Surrounded by a hot, roaring fire ball,

Like lava.


Shining for all the earth to see,

The stars shimmer.


Fingers crossed and wish us luck!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 09/02/2015

Starry Night

Last week as part of our topic, we learnt about the infamous Vincent Van Gogh. We took a look at and compared his earlier and later art, discussing how his style and use of colour changed. Following this, we took a closer look at his famous Starry Night painting. Together we identified the different shades he used and shared our ideas about the style of his painting.

We also used our some of the vocabulary we’d been working on in English to describe what we saw. Here are a couple of phrases we came up with:

"The moon glows in the night sky which is like ripples in the ocean."

"The swirling sky is wrapping itself around the gloomy mountains."

Finally, we then created our own versions of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Take a look below at some of our fantastic work!

creating our art


our work

Posted by: The Teachers on: 26/01/2015

Dark Day!

On Monday, we arrived at school to hear that something mysterious was going on in our classroom… When we got upstairs, we discovered that our classroom was plunged into complete darkness! We weren’t entirely sure what had happened, but we were told that unfortunately our learning would have to take place in the dark!

In our first lesson, we had to write a diary entry about our experience. Because we were unable to see, we were given torches so that we could write by torchlight. We could hear unusual sounds and used some of our best vocabulary to describe our experience. Here is an extract from one of our diary entries:

Dear Diary,

You’ll never guess what happened today? I came into the classroom and I saw that all the lights were out. I was feeling extremely scared. I heard pencils scraping on rustling paper. All the people were whispering quietly because they were scared. It was very cold… I started to get goose bumps.

 writing in the dark

Following that, we read our diary entries by torchlight and tried to create some of our own sound effects to match what we were describing.

listening to our stories

For the next part of our dark day, we created and performed our own scary stories. Our challenge was to use the sound effects we practised earlier on in the day and change our movements and voices to create an effect on the audience. We then spooked each other by retelling our stories in the dark!

We finished our day by using pastels to draw a picture of Laszlo, a new character we will be finding out about in our English lessons.

We thoroughly enjoyed our dark day and can’t wait for the next learning in our topic!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 16/01/2015

Our Silhouette Art

Last week, Year 3 began our new topic: Are You Afraid of the Dark? We started our topic off by creating our very own silhouette art.

First, we investigated dark and light colours. We were given the three primary colours – red, yellow, blue – and then had to mix them to create orange, green and purple. Following that, we had to create a variety of darker and lighter shades. We took our time to investigate how this could be achieved, as were only given the original primary colours to do this. We painted a colour wheel to help us identify the different shades we’d been able to create.

Next, we used our knowledge of colour mixing to create our backgrounds for our silhouette art. We re-created our chosen shades through mixing and then painted our backgrounds. We had to be careful when we did this, as we had to try and make sure our backgrounds went from dark to light and that we were repeatedly painting in the same direction.

Finally, we created our silhouettes by using black card and sticking them to the backgrounds. Take a look at some of the art we created!

silhouette art


silhouette art

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Let's Rock

Year Three have continued to learn about the different properties of rocks. This week we were testing how permeable the rocks were. We had to work out how to make our test fair and then collect all the equipment necessary to carry out the experiment.

Once we were investigating we needed to separate our rocks into those which let water through easily, those which let water through slowly and those which were impermeable and didn't let any water through.


We then tried to think of reasons why some rocks let water through and others didn't.

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Learning about Perimeter

Year Three have been learning to find the perimeter of shapes. We used small squares to investigate the perimeters we could get from different shapes.


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Stone Age Necklaces

Year Three have been making their own version of Stone Age jewellery. In addition to researching what the necklaces would have been made from, they have also written instructions for others to follow so they can make their own.

Stone Age jewellery

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Year Three Art

Year three have spent this afternoon creating art based on Stone Age cave paintings.

Hand print

The image is created by dabbing dry dust onto wet paper.

Here are some finished designs.

Cave hands

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Filming our puppet shows!

This week we have been writing amazing poems; as well as learning how to subtract and solving word problems.

We are recording our puppet shows that we have written and performed; they will be on the website soon....

UPDATE: Mr Bloor says the files are too big for the website. We have enjoyed watching them ourselves and they will be put on if Mr Bloor figures out how to make the files smaller.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 10/10/2014

More Puppets!

Making Puppets ready for our Puppet show!

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Making puppets

We have been making sock puppets; for our puppets shows.


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Welcome back!

This term we are  busy learning about money; we are adding and working out change!

Also, we are making plays to act out involving the Puppets which we have made this week.

Look out for the photographs of our puppets next week.....

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The pictures from last term have disappeared.
We are doing are best to find them and we hope to have them back soon.

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Lego Video from Summer 2014

Here is the Lego movie made by us when we were in Year 2.

We hope you enjoy it.

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Posted by: The Teachers on: 06/09/2014

Wet and Wild at Burghley

Yesterday we went on a coach to Burghley and explored.

First we had a clay workshop with Rob Fogell, who is an artist at Burghley.

rob fogell

impressions  the reveal  casts


Then we sat in the shade beneath some huge, magnificent trees for a delicious picnic.


Next we had fun getting soaked in the garden of surprises.

 everybody smile

"Everybody smile."


everybody squeal

"Everybody squeal!"

Finally we dried off by having a stroll through the sculpture garden.

 "It was the best day of my life!" exclaimed Tanieha.

" I loved getting soaked!" added Lilly-Sue.

Have a wonderful holiday everybody!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 22/07/2014

Multiskills Tournament at Q.E.

On Thursday 19th June we joined lots of other local primary schools at Queen Eleanor School for a multiskills tournament.

bluecoat y2 multiskills team


The children took part in many events, using their running, jumping, balancing and throwing skills using lots of fun equipment. Here are a few of the funniest pictures we took!


Bowling is a serious matter.



 spotted the biscuits

We've spotted the biscuits!








The winner of the levitation event.


Everybody had a great time and was presented with a certificate.

There are lots more pictures in the gallery section of the website. Do have a look. 

Posted by: The Teachers on: 20/06/2014

Superhero Day

By day an ordinary class of children...

an ordinary class

But when danger strikes they become...

bluecoat heroes

The Bluecoat Heroes!

To celebrate earning our 60 cotton reel treat, we came to school dressed as Superheroes. We wrote Super Stories, tasted Super Snacks and took part in Superlympic events. 

The Superspeed Playground Dash:

1st place Ollie, 2nd James, 3rd Gergo, 4th Beau, 5th Taylor.

The Loopy Long Leap: winner Beau.

The Super Blow (AKA Ping Pong Ball Puff):

1st place Chapa, 2nd Beau, joint 3rd Imogen and Connie, 5th Lilly-Sue, 6th Ollie, 7th Kayla.

Well done to everyone for taking part and thank you to all your parents for helping you to dress up in such fabulous costumes.

Have a look at more photos in the gallery section of the website. 

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End of Week 5

This week we have been discovering more about how plants grow. The beans we planted at the beginning of term have all germinated and grown into seedlings. We had a good look at them and discovered that it does not make much difference which way up you plant the seed because the shoot always finds its way up and the roots always find their way down.


We have replanted the seedlings into grow bags to give the roots more room to spread out.

re planting

We are still working on our Superheroes topic. This week we have been making comic strips and designing masks from found materials. In today’s assembly we discovered that we have earned our 60 cotton reel treat so we have decided to have a Superheroes day on the first Friday back after half term. We are going to wear Superhero costumes, have Super Power competitions, taste Superfoods and have a super time.

Have a lovely holiday everybody!

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End of Week 4

This week we have experimented with cress seeds to see if they would germinate better in the dark or in the light. Most of us expected the ones in the light to germinate best, but we discovered that it was actually the batch we had kept in the dark which sprouted first! Why do you think this happened?cress

                     Seeds germinated in sunlight                                           Seeds germinated in the dark

Lots of us have been looking after our sunflower seeds. Some people’s have grown two leaves already, and some even more. Don’t forget to keep them moist in the hot weather.

We have finished our Eenie Meenie Mini Marathon Challenge. Well done to everybody who exceeded their personal best.

We have been thinking about ways to keep cool and safe on hot sunny days. Have a happy and safe time in the sunny weather this weekend.

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End of week 3

This week we have set up an experiment to find out if seeds will grow if you plant them upside down. Look out for our results in a couple of weeks.

Everybody has planted sunflower seeds to bring home. There will be a prize for the person who grows the tallest sunflower by the end of term six. Remember to water them!

sunflower seeds

Farewell and good luck to Mrs. Marsden as she goes off to have her baby. A big thank you for all the help you have given us...

...and a big welcome to Mr. Gibbin who joins the year two team. Check out his picture on the year 2 page.

This week's homework is "Show me the strongest", which was one of many suggestions the children have come up with for homework they would like to do.

Congratulations to the fourteen year twos who managed to beat their personal best in this week's eenie meenie mini marathon challenge. Keep training everybody!

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End of week 1

We have had a great week with lots of good work going on.

This term you will find some spellings to learn along with our homework.

This week our homework is "Show me the Fastest." This could be about the fastest animal, person, car, train, or anything else you come up with!

Remember to bring your outdoor P.E. kit on Monday ready for athletics.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Swimming starts next Wednesday for Years One and Two.

Remember your swimming kit!

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Marathon Mania!

Today we began our Eenie Meenie Mini Marathon Challenge. We had to see how many times we could run, jog or walk around a 100m lap. Ask us how we got on!

eenie meenie mini marathon

 We were pretty tired when we finished!


Afterwards Mrs. Davys came to tell us about running the London Marathon during the holidays. She let us have a look at her fabulous medal, and she gave us some advice about how to become better runners.

marathon medal

Over the next term we are going to get into training to try to improve our personal bests.

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Here's what we have been up to this term.


We have had a busy time being Dinosaur Detectives this term. It all started when we found an enormous egg on the school roof and decided to investigate what could have laid it.

giant egg
Then one morning we walked into the classroom to discover the egg cracked and whatever had been inside vanished!
hatched egg

To our amazement the mysterious baby turned out to be a dinosaur, which scientists had previously thought were extinct. We have been gathering more information about dinosaurs to help our palaeontologist friend Peter Tappit at the Research of Ancient Reptiles laboratories.

Last week we visited the Peterborough Museum where we had the chance to handle fossils and see whole skeletons of creatures which lived in this part of the country millions of years ago when it was all under the sea!

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